I7 2600k (z68 board) Vcore not decreasing on C1e State

I want to set Vcore to specific value like 1.375 on full load. Cpu-z shows that under full load Vcore is ~1.375. But on c1e state (where cpu automatically decreases the multiplier, frequency of mine was 1.6ghz in that state) But it doesnt decrease Vcore.Vcore is always at 1.375. I tried to use Vcore + offset mode but when i do it , Vcore reaches unwanted values sometimes.

All of the c states are enabled.

Is there a way to set Vcore to 1.375 under full load and automatically decrease voltage when it's not under full load.

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  1. When you use a manual Vcore, the voltage will stay at or close to whatever you put it at, no matter the speed. That's just how it works.
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