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  1. I don't know if I should link to another site, but here is a deal that I was looking at:

    $35 shipped seems like a good deal. I know it is kind of wild looking, but I like it!

    Anyone else have any opinions about this case?

    Free shipping on something as large as a case it a good deal. I really don't know how they can do it and still make a buck.


    I am wondering if you get a case that is made to put the power supply on the bottom will you run into problems with some of the power supply cables being able to reach the proper connectors.

    Also just found a video on youtube showing the case (there are several on youtube) :
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    warpedone said:
    Plus $22 shipping = $72

    Hmm on Egg it is $60 with free ship and $20 MIR but not sure how strict TS is with budget hehe
  3. Centurion 5 with standard Aluminum trim.
    Centurion 5 with blue Aluminum trim.

    I have this case it it is good. A bit of a pain to install a optical drive as it took a bit to figure out how to remove one of the front bay plates but otherwise a good case.

    Also has available a replacement side panel to make it a windowed side.
    Window side panel.
  4. They're not much for style, but I've been entirely satisfied with every cheap Rosewill case I ever bought. I've given up on Coolermaster. Even my CM-RC690 (which I otherwise really like) had untapped screw holes.
    Antec cases are also really solid. I've only bought two, but others I've seen are similarly high quality.
  5. Any cheap NZXT, Antec, Rosewill, and Cooler Master.

    I have NEVER had any problems AT ALL with my cooler masters own 2 HAF 922, and my brother has a sniper and 932.
  6. I would have said this, i bought it for $54.99 and shipping was free. This case has been nothing but solid for me and VERY accomidating. Too bad they are charging for shipping now.
  7. Around Thanksgiving you could have gotten a CoolerMaster Scout for $49.99.
  8. rodney_ws said:
    Around Thanksgiving you could have gotten a CoolerMaster Scout for $49.99.

    It was a Cyber Monday deal at Newegg.
  9. If you can afford to wait, eventually newegg will have the case you want on sale with free shipping. I got an antec 300 illusion for $50 with free shipping, which I think was an awesome bargain.

    At newegg if you go to cases, there is a link for free shipping and they currently have 54 cases with free shipping. The list changes every couple weeks.
  10. Cooler Master Centurion
  11. DJRWolf said:
    It was a Cyber Monday deal at Newegg.

    It was both.. I purchased mine on that sunday
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