Whats with nvidia?

nothin but problems..
My 8800gts died and I switched it out for a new 250gts thinking it would be comparable........so now when i play games, the characters have big vertical spikes coming out of their heads. I have to dumb down the graphics in the games or all the graphics are screwed. What gives? Has anyone had this problem?

intel core2
6700 @2.66 GHz
2.67 Ghz, 2g ram
1k power
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  1. Sounds like your new card may be crap too.
    Can you give us a screen shot?
    It may be artifacting
  2. test your hardware and report back (the logical thing to to)
  3. Maybe temps are spiking too? Check temps on gpu and cpu, check your ram as well.
    I see youve put down a 1000watt psu, so that should eliminate power
  4. sorry to be such a noob how do I upload a picture for you? I don't have web hosting etc
  5. imageshack
  6. no use on the pictures.........the spikes in the head won't go away and i tried the other card and it wouldn't even start! nice chinese video cards :)))
  7. list one thing in ur computer thats not made in china or taiwain or asia. oh wait you cant? 'nuff said, dont assume because its chinese video cards its crap. Most of our stuff come from China or taiwan or korea so forget that bull...

    Now the video card itself. I would say RMA it if it wont let u boot up r anything. thats the other logical way to do it.. albiet a lil more expensive...
  8. Remember, nVidia does not make more faulty GPUs than ATI, regardless of notebooks, you have just gotten unlucky,
  9. lilotimz said:
    list one thing in ur computer thats not made in china or taiwain or asia...

    CPU. [:thegreatgrapeape:6]
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