5850 overclocking w/ amd gpu clock tool and downclocking while idle

I have maxed out overdrive in ccc w/ my 5850 and I know that it can do more. Firstly, is it worth pushing it any further (dont want to raise voltage) and secondly, does the amd gpu clock tool support downclocking while idle? when I tried it earlier, ccc wasn't reporting a downclock when I left my pc idle.
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  2. There is an unlocked 5850 bios in guru3d from a person who works at MSI - the link is inside the forum. I have installed it on my crossfired 5850s and am currently at 825/1100 and it keeps the power saving mode. 850/1150 seems to be near its limit on clocking without upping the voltage. The only thing this bios does is remove the 775 limit on gpu and 1125 on memory.

    Do follow the guides on using ATIFLASH and also make sure to remove your video driver prior to flashing as it will not be recognized on startup. You will have to reinstall your drivers.
  3. I have the XFX 5850 Black Edition OC running at 825/1200 and am hitting a max of 80c in Crysis at 100% GPU and 25-30% on the fan. Stable with no artifacts whatsoever! :D The VDDC on this card is locked at 1.0880, however, this is the highest value supported on this card according to AMD GPU Clock Tool. I was wondering why other folks with the regular 5850's were seeing idle speeds in the 35-45c range when I was seeing 55c at idle! I'm sure I could push it more, but I think that 100/200MHz increases are plenty enough. I run Crysis with everything on very high, with the exception of shaders, and post processing set at high with 4xAA @ 1920x1080. Frames don't drop below 30fps, making for very smooth gameplay. Most of the time the frames sit at around 45-50fps. I don't like the idea of flashing, so I'm glad I picked this card up. Got it for only $300 at MicroCenter!! :D :D vvhocare5 - You may want to jump the memory up. It's identical to the memory in the 5870, and will hit 1200mhz without breakin a sweat. The GPU is the same too, but I don't know about taking that to 850... afraid to try, even though I'm only hitting 80c. I think that's enough for me anyway. I'm happy with the results... I would like to see a driver based tool to do the dynamic clocking, but as far as I'm concerned, I'll just set it back to default when I'm done playing - Sorry gonintendo, no auto downclock when tool is set :( BTW, this is my first ATI card in 7 years, and I'm quite impressed with the capability! Now, if they'd only get the dagum drivers right ;)
  4. ive a sapphire toxic 2 gig 5850 running at 900/1200 and thats the max i can get out of it.
    ive heard msi afterburner can get the voltages up to take the card higher but with no luck. shame, i want to see just how far it can go, but without an increase in v's, im stuck!
    any one know of a reliable voltage tool?
  5. Well MSI Afterburner does allow overvolting :P It's in the settings for afterburner, you just need to enable voltage changing. I'm using a Diamond 5850 at 950/1205 or i can run it at 1000/1205 (it's to hot under full load at 1000/1205). My 950/1205 was running at 1.164v.

    What you are talking about doesn't seem to exist, it is practically like AMD Cool'n'Quiet, but yea, it doesn't exist.

    This is actually what you need to do. Google this "CPU-Z" or "GPU-Z" (GPU-Z is better for GPUs) Although CCC does report that you haven't downclocked. When you look in CPU-Z or GPU-Z the clocks are actually just 300/150, or something along the lines of that. So in a sense it is running AMD Cool'n'Quiet.

    It could be worth your while and it might not. If your proud to see your benchmarks be high then sure its great to OC. With my reference design card (it's different for everybody) I was able to hit 900/1200 without upping the voltage. But past 900 core clock you'd pretty much have to up voltage. (Though it's different for everybody.) BUT The downside to this, your temps will go up dramatically on reference cards or any for that matter.

    CCC Is terrible when it comes to OCing. It seems like an OC really the OC is practically nothing in CCC, it's just like upping the core clock practically nothing.

    Now, performance after OC. Before the OC in 3DMark Vantage, I'd get 14000ish. (Stock) After my 950/1200 OC I'd get 17000ish in 3DMark Vantage. All on performance. SO in a sense yes it's worth it. Games you play and resolution you play also may determine whether you should OC. On TF2 and CSS I don't need to OC, so OC or not there is like no FPS changes maybe a tiny different in different areas in TF2 but not in CSS.
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