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Network manager startup problem/freeze


I'll get straight to the point,
Randomly, on start-up, my internet browsers and networks do not work properly if at all. The things I notice is:
It's always on system start-up
Network manager icon on right side of task bar freezes with "loading" icon
No error messages
Unable to access network manager
Unable to access network adapters control panel
Unable to use internet browsers
Sometimes it will fix fix itself after a long time, but I usually just do a restart and that works

Closing firefox, steam, and other useless services in task manager during problem does not help
disconnecting the LAN cable does not help
sometimes non-internet programs will fail to start during problem.

Quick specs:
win 7 64 bit
4GB Ram
Intel core 2 quad 2.66GHz
Nvidia GTX 260
NOD32 Antivirus installed [up to date]

I'll provide more info if you need it

Thanks to anyone who can help in advance
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  1. Best answer
    Can u re-install the network driver?
  2. yes i can, I'll go ahead and give that a shot
    Also removed "steam" start-up with windows. This is the only app I can think of in the start-up que that can cause the problem
  3. No probs so far, so I'll just consider this solved now. Otherwise I may forget to come back and select best answer. Thanks for the advice
  4. Best answer selected by ViperX45.
  5. Good for u.
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