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Need to choose an AMD CPU

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February 20, 2010 6:09:23 PM

I currently have an Athlon x2 6000 paired with a 9800GT in Win7 64 bit. I want to upgrade the CPU, the video card will most likely be upgraded to an ATI 5770 at a later date.

The PC is used mostly for gaming, DragonAge, Lotro, Bioshock II, etc.,

I currently narrowed it down to the following 3 CPUs, i checked and my mobo supports all of them.

Athlon II X3 435 - a great bargain

Athlon II X4 630 - its the 435 plus an extra core, but for $30 more

Phenom II X3 720 - adds 6mb of L3 cahce that the Athlons don't offer

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Best solution

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February 20, 2010 6:17:12 PM

Go with the athlon tri core, its been proven by thw that the 4th core doesnt add much performance to games and neither does l3 cache... 5%~ at most i think from memory. Also if you get the tri core, maybe youll get lucky and you can unlock the 4th core and l3 cache :D 
February 20, 2010 8:42:46 PM

i've been looking at those three myself with a close eye on the x3 435 to replace my 7750, that price looks so nice. I don't think you'd go wrong with any of them, but for the rest of us maybe you can do a follow up with whatever one you choose?
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February 20, 2010 9:02:43 PM

athlon x3 would be best for your uses.
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February 20, 2010 11:54:39 PM

If using it mainly for gaming I'd go with a Phenom II with the L3 cache instead of the Athlons ( the L3 is useful for gaming systems) - but the problem with the X3 720 you linked is it is OEM and therefore does not have a warranty like the others (OEM parts only carry the vendors warranty and Newegg does not offer one with it !!) - or a HEatsink\Fan (which you probably would want to replace anyway !)- I'd look for a boxed version of the 720 or get the X2 555 if on a tight budget.
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February 21, 2010 12:10:29 AM

Well, i'm not agree with the Athlon X3. You should get the Phenom X3, or the Athlon X4 620 and OC to the frecuency of the Athlon X4 630.
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February 21, 2010 3:06:25 AM

If someone put a gun to my head and said pick an Amd processor.. This is what i would buy

100MHz not worth the extra $10 in my opinion

And if phenom, remember Phenom II not Phenom.

I have an athlon IIx4 620 at 3.25GHz. I like having the extra core but it's not necessary. Dragon age seems to be using all 4 cores but 1 is at 20-50% while the rest go between 60-100%. That was during loading. After the level loaded 1 is at about 80-100% and the rest are at 40-60%
February 21, 2010 3:32:50 AM

550x2,555x2,or 720x3 if you like gaming. all of these oc well.i run mine on all four 3.2.
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February 21, 2010 3:46:13 AM

I would go with the 720BE.
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February 21, 2010 9:20:17 PM

ok i made my decision

based on the stats from anandtech, I see no gaming difference between the 435 & 630. The biggest advantage the 4th core seems to currently offer is in video encoding which I don't do.

I like the Phenom II X3 720 but if I would rather wait for the Phenom II X4 to come down in price.

Plus with Tom's review of the 435 I think its the CPU to go with. With the extra $30 saved I got Rosewill CPU cooler so I can OC it and make up any small difference compared to the 720. Then in 12-18 months I can upgrade again.

"Here's where it all comes together. Look at the Athlon II X3 435 versus the Phenom II X3 720. For three-quarters of the price, the Athlon II X3 435 offers identical encoding ability, less than a three percent disadvantage in gaming, and less than a five percent disadvantage in productivity metrics.",2452.h...
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February 21, 2010 10:25:30 PM

Phenom II X3 720 ftw!

I thought L3 was ~5-15%?
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February 23, 2010 8:31:50 PM


So I got the 435 today. Stuck it in my PC, went into ACC to set it to All Cores. Ran my CPU-Z and it states.........Phenom x4
I jump for joy, then I run locks up. I launch IE, that locks up too. I go into ACC and set it to Auto, run CPU-Z states Athlon II x 435

Oh well. The good news, with the money saved I got a Rosewill cooler. I used the stock thermal grease on the cooler (even though I have Antec's silver compound). Set the fan to the lowest setting and my CPU is idling at 27c, never reaches 40c during gaming.

So I OC the CPU to 3.3ghz. It now idles at 31c and tops out at 50c after an hour gaming. Not bad for $67 CPU and $12 cooler (newegg gave me a 10% discount!)
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February 23, 2010 8:39:19 PM

Might also try giving the CPU just a bit more Voltage and retry the 4th core ! ( sometimes they just need a bit more voltage to run stable )
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March 5, 2010 1:10:54 AM

Best answer selected by ct1615.
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March 8, 2010 9:50:14 PM

Interesting. I suppose it was a Phenom with defective cache rather than an Athlon II die. Well, it's always hit or miss with ACC. Well, hopefully that little CPU serves you well ^_^