Would a 60gb & 120gb be sufficient?

So I bought a 60gb ssd to be a boot drive for once i get all the components to make my computer. I was going to wait for HDD's to go down in price. But I was wondering if I got a 120gb ssd if that would suffice as a data drive, hold a few games and what not? In fact should I wait to have a HDD before I even install windows? Or will the 60gb ssd be enough to hold all things OS wise?
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  1. There are a lot of post on here going into detail about this exact question.

    Basically you can scrape by with 60gigs, but 120gigs is going to give you a lot more breathing room.

    120gb ssd will hold Windows, a few games, and several apps with space leftover for a little breathing room.
  2. No what I was talking about is. I have a 60gb for just windows and maybe a antivirus program if i can fit it, but from what i've been told is I should put a couple folders of windows on a hdd. i think its called page file. Do I have to do this if the 60gb is just for windows and the security program? But was also asking if 120gb would be enough to manage data and games on its own without having a hdd at all.
  3. So can anyone tell me if having windows on a 60gb ssd will be fine even if i'm not transferring the page file folder or w/e it is to an hdd?
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    Yes running Windows from a 60g drive would be fine, and having the page file and virus program on it would still be plenty of space.
  5. I think 60gb + 120gb would be allright aslong as you dont store to many video files, they usually take up most of the space.
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