Intel core i7 vs core to quad

asslam o alikum...
i want to make asystem..
but i am in shuffle...
cant able to deside..
core 2 quad wid 6mb cache or i7 wid 8mb cache...
wat will be da better option for me...
actually i want to make it for high gamiing..
and ma software engenieer as well...
can any body convey your details and satisfied me wat can i do and wat is good for me in future regarding between core 2 quad and i7..please..
waiting for a reply thanks...
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  1. I7/I5 depending on budget, core 2 is dead socket, for lower budgets consider AMD?
  2. Yeah, the difference is about the same as AMD's Phenom II compared to i7. You won't notice a difference unless you have a very high end graphics (assuming you are talking about the yorksfield C2Qs) or are looking for some future-proofing. If i5/i7 is out of your budget/needs then go for AMD. LGA 775 is a dead socket, as monkey said, and Phenom II is no slouch for gaming. :)
  3. Thanks....but the difference between both is just 15 thousand Pakistani rupes.
  4. so wat can i do now...?
  5. build to your budget, i3,i5,i7 is more future proofed than core products, I'm not sure about AMD offerings, but i'd assume that AM3 is the newer socket.

    Unless you need a certain build for productivity reasons then always build to your budget or what you can afford to throw away as the tech is always out of date, this is a hobby/entertainment so there's no point in going broke for it.
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