Is the Corsair H60 worth getting

I need to know if the corsair H60 is any good if i was to overclock my new intel i5 3750k (ivy bridge)
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  1. yes, it is worth but the more better is H80.
  2. Quote:
    what clock speed are you attempting to reach with your overclock and what case do you have.?

    Im atempting to reach around 3.8-4GHz and i have a Zalman z11
  3. Quote:
    I rather have the Antec 620 than the Corsair H60 but for that mild of an overclock either one will be able to control temps..
    and that case has plenty of room.

    if going for a overclock of 4.2GHz or more than I would say something heavier like the H80 or so.
    but you can get away with the 60.

    is the antec 620 better than the H80
  4. I think i will go for the Antec 620 or the Corsair H60
  5. Yes i will definatly go for the Antec 620 Thanks for your help
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