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So i have this WD Caviar Black 1 TB hard drive for a little under 2 years now. Last night as I was shutting down i got the BSOD, however because i wasn't by my computer i could not see what issue was with the BSOD, but I did see it ( i was standing from a far).

Upon restarting the computer it went through the bios but then when it got to the part where it loads windows it said boot disc not found. When i went into the bios, it did not find the hard drive. I then switched sata ports went back into the bios and it was detected, however exiting the BIOS, windows did not start and gave me an error saying operating system not found.

I then set my DVD drive to boot first and tried to recover my operating system through the Windows 7 CD, however when trying to repair the OS it did not find an instance of the OS or the hard drive.

I then connected the hard drive to another computer and when it started up it said that the "disk boot failed insert boot disc.." I am a bit confused because the hard drive itself does not really make any clicking sounds that would indicate that it died. But am I right to think that its completely dead and RMA it or is there something that I should try first? Thanks.
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    If your RMA is still a life. Please to do so.
    HDD fail can not be fix by any kind software out there.
    Some user said use low level format will fix this but once HDD cause problems it will not getting better even with low level format.
    Please RMA it and save your time.
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