I7 2600k / Sabertooth Z77

My goal is 4.5ghz stable 24/7 with the lowest possible volts/temps.

I'm currently stable in Prime95/Intel Burn Test/OCCT with 1.315 (Bios)/1.32 (CPU-z).

I'm using a H100 cooler - max temps at load are 68C.

My questions:
1. Can someone help me utilize the offset voltage of the mobo? I have it set manually to 1.315 with LLC set to Auto. My VID in Realtemp at load is 1.3761 while CPU-z reports a 1.32V at load.
2. I'm using 32GB of memory and have heard something about adjusting VCCSA to compensate for such large capacity DIMMS.
3. Are there any other settings that I can change from Auto (which the BIOS normally overcompensates) to manual that would further reduce my temps?

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  1. 1. is there a difference? i tried offset and i couldn't get it stable
    2. never heard about it
    3.manually adjust the LLC
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