How do I disable my Marvel Storage Controller in bios?

Hello was getting "no HDD detected" message. A very kind person on here recommended disabling the Marvel controller after getting Win 7 64 installed and up and running if still getting message during post. I am still getting message but don't want to change the wrong thing.
My Motherboard is Asus P6x58D Premium. I have windows installed but still get the no HDD Detected. PLEASE HELP!!! Where in Bios do I find this? And how do I go about disabling the Marvel Controller?
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  1. I've also changed the boot sequence back to HDD first. Had it set to boot from cd/dvd to do OS install. Haven't tried to resart from HDD first yet as not sure if I should proceed before disabling the controller? Just Waiting for advice before proceeding
  2. Well... in case someone else needs it down the road, since the OP canceled their account it looks like

    For an ASUS P6X58d Premium: You go to the "Advance Menu" options, select "Onboard Devices Configuration" and disable the "Marvell 9123 Controller"
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