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Matshita DVD-RAM UJ8A0AS Will Not Recognise DVDs


I have an Acer Aspire 5733 and although the DVD drive worked for the first couple of months, I am now unable to use it.

The laptop no longer recognises the presence of the drive, and although I have tried uninstalling the drive and restarting, as well as downloading the latest driver and trying to install it, I cannot get it working again.

Every time I try to use a disk in the drive it spins for a moment or so, then stops. At no point does it register in Windows Explorer, so I cannot explore it.

I can uninstall the drive through Device Manager, but every time I try to restart or reinstall the driver I get the message:

Device Driver software was not successfully installed


Driver installation failed

I think the issue may be to do with a driver conflict, but I don't know what to uninstall in order to do a clean reinstallation.


Many thanks for your time and assistance.
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  2. jsmakkar said:

    Thank you so much, I believe it's sorted my problem completely! I read through the thread, then just followed the original instructions to delete the two Registry entries, and it appears to have done just what I needed. I was able to see my DVD drive and to use it to install software straightaway, just now have to test it out against iTunes and a few other programmes as I go along, but this way at least I know what to try first in the future.

    Could I just say how grateful I am to those who have read this thread, those who have pointed me in the right direction, and those who were able to come up with what appears to be the solution in the first place. I really appreciate all your time and efforts to solve this issue in the first place, and then to take the trouble to let me know about it.
  3. You are welcome - I am glad your issue is resolved!
  4. jsmakkar said:
    You are welcome - I am glad your issue is resolved!

    It certainly seems to be. I opened iTunes to import a CD and it told me it wasn't happy that it had the right CD and DVD drivers, and that I should reinstall iTunes, so I did an update, reinstalled the latest version, and so far they seem to be talking to each other quite happily.

    I am fairly confident this will continue!

    Now how may I mark my thread as Solved, please? Or might someone / an Administrator do this for me?

    Thank you again.
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  6. Maziar said:
    Best answer selected by Maziar.

    nThank you :)
  7. janewhite451,

    Could you check and see if your drive will read a DVD movie now? After putting this drive into my Toshiba Satellite I've been able to load Windows 7 and other programs using the drive just fine, but it will not read a DVD. I checked for the 2 registry entries and they are already gone; something in my install must have either removed them or not created them at all (I suppose since I installed the OS with the drive already in place, it didn't create those problematic entries).

    If you could check for me it would be greatly appreciated.


  8. Hi Jeremy,

    Just tried a movie DVD in the drive, and it worked fine, first time, including activating AnyDVD, which is the programme I had suspected might have triggered the original problem, but it all appears to be working correctly. Maybe you could try using AnyDVD yourself? It's a programme I use to help with decoding DVDs to convert for iPods, etc., and it might help you if it's a related problem.

    Other than that, I'm afraid I can't think of any other variants, but please feel free to let me know if you'd like me to test anything else.

  9. Hi Jeremy

    I hope you have all the codecs required to play a DVD. Try VLC player has almost all codecs
  10. jsmakkar said:

    I want to thank you for posting this thread. I have a Sony Vaio (VGN-N325E) that had developed this problem recently and it had me stumped. I generally don't like messing with the registry, but the instructions were easy to follow (no step 3 necessary) and it worked like a charm. I generally burn stuff for my wife, and her mouse pad on her Compaq sucks. Thanks again for saving me a lot of headaches.
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