Ati 5770 with nvidia physx card

can i use my nvidia physx card with my ati Radeon HD 5770
or is there some kind of hacked drivers ou there ?
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  1. You would need to be on XP or Win7 for GPU, and yes there are hacked drivers.

    It's not important to link to the HD5770, we know what that is, what's the nV card?

    Is it an old Ageia PPU or an nV GPU?
  2. You just have to use earlier nVidia drivers. NVidia dissabled physx when ATI cards are present in the 186 drivers, so anything earlier should work just fine.
  3. asus pci express x1 physx card
  4. i installed my asus
    pci express x1 physx card and installed the older drivers seems like its working :)
  5. wish i can over clock my system but i dont know how to thinking of selling it for newer pc
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