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Hi, I woke up this morning, powered on my pc, and it hangs at the splash bios screen. I have an Asus m4a79t Deluxe w / Phenom 2 x4 955 BE, 4 gigs g.skill ram (think 1333).

i've tried everything imaginable to try to flash the bios. I have abosultely nothing installed but vid card and a stick of ram. I've tried every imaginable slot combination for the ram, all the way down to 1 stick. If I jam down the Del key, I can see the mobo initialize and run a memory test, but that's it - oh, and Loading USB....OK.

I can't get it to see my flash drive, my floppy drive, or to enter BIOS setup. I'm desperate here, guys. I have a major project due this Tuesday, all my work is on the PC and even if I yank the HD, there's no computer powerful enough anywhere near me tofinish my work (high end 3D models and vid.)

Would anyone have an idea of how to fix this? I can't think of doing anything to my pc recently, and I've never had an issue with it since I built it over a year ago. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Did you try resetting the CMOS using the jumper pins. It may require you to remove the on-board battery and maybe even unplugging from the wall for 5 minutes or so.
  2. Oh, forgot to mention that - yes I have. Tried new battery, whole nine yards. been playing with it all night, the cpu fan would kick on, no problem, just tried flashing it again and now no cpu fan and / or splash screen. Now I'm just completely confused ><
  3. Don't know if this would be of much help, but you could try tapping the F2 button on start-up and see if it will load the default settings for the BIOS
  4. it just dawneds on me that I don't have a system speaker. Anyway, not getting the splash screen now, and no cpu fan, but everything else is fine.
  5. Got it! One of my jumpers wasn't seating properly, I must have knocked it lose somehow. Phew! Thanks
  6. Good deal!!

    I'll have to load that one in my memory banks for future use. LOL
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