Should i get this SSD? (OCZ vertex 3)

its on sale at newegg for 189 - 15% off - $20 rebate

sale ends today!!!


also please check out my build that im trying to make ASAP here:

i think i got everything down, please keep me in check before i start buying all this right now :)
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  1. There are 324 reviews of this SSD on newegg by people who have bought this product surely you can get an idea about how it performs ?

    Isn't there Black friday soon there in the states ? Wouldn't be better to wait it out and see what deals can be made then ?
  2. Black Friday will do a better job : )
  3. The OCZ Vertex 3 solid state drive was introduced earlier this year and quickly became a favorite with gamers and enthusiasts. The popularity was due in part to the ssd's SandForce 2281 Controller. Unfortunately there were some firmware issues that affected some users. Supposedly the issues were resolved by firmware updates.

    Here is a link to the ssd database:

    Scroll down to the OCZ section to find the Vertex 3 and click on the links to read technical reviews.
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