Help = endlessly reboot = NEW computer

Ok... I was writing like half an hour and submited and then error came up - I lost all the text :cry:
So I'll try to put this in short this time.

Problem Im having is with endlessly reboot, maybe you could give me your opinion??

I bought new computer:
CPU: Intel core i5-750
MoBo: Gigabyte GA-UD3R
Memory: Gail 2x1GB 1600MHz DDR3
PSU: OCZ StealthXStream 600W
Case: Thermaltake M5
HD: Samsung F3 500GB 16MB
OD: Sony-Nec Optiarc 7240s

As you see there is no GPU. I want to buy 5850 or better but I think it's best to wait fore some time and buy it sometime next year, also I dont have that much money left right now :D
So I borrowed my friends Palit 8600GT Sonic+ GPU for some time... thing is that this card (as many out there) is defective (bad soldering) so when I turned on some video or games it was shown as chess board with "normal" squares of that source and "green lines" squares on black background... anyway... it did ok in windows and video if I used VLC player.
I must say my computer worked fine (2-3 weeks) until one day... I turned it on, and saw a spark in my case :ouch:
I instantly disassembled my computer and took GPU out. Checked for physical defects on components, but everything seemed fine except GPU of course... One zero ohm resistor had something black around it, and capacitors where expended a little.
I assembled my computer without GPU and turned it on. It loaded windows (I heard a sound), so everything looked normal... but then it rebooted. why? I dont know... i thought it's because there is no GPU...
So today I borrowed from my other friend his Palit 4870 512MB. Assembled and loaded... everything was fine... loading (I looked at bios voltages and some stuff but nothing was out of ordinary). Then just before "LOG IN USER" window when WINDOWS XP logo is shown it seemed like it loaded that frame by frame for some 3-4sec.
After that, I logged in, windows loaded, found new hardware (gpu) but I didn't have drivers so i skipped that... Then after some 1-2 min ... reboot :??:
Ok.. so I loaded win again... again restart.... I tried in safe mode... same results... I even went in bios and restarted to defaults (it was also on defaults before...). Still no changes... reboot... so what do you think this is?
I must add that I dont have that card anymore here, but I'll buy myself some cheep pci express card just to put something in computer until i get 58xx series.
Also when my computer recovered from crash till next crash it sometimes showed blue screens on sec or two.. also while error reporting to microsoft about this, as a result "they" sad:
1. drivers are cause of this...
2. unknown, corrupted hardware is cause of this...

So... your opinion please? :sweat:
Drivers (software), Mobo, PSU, HD .. ? what could be the cause ??

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  1. So ... you kept the drivers for the old card and didn't install the drivers for the 4870? That's one thing that wouldn't work. You're not going to be able to run an ATI card with the drivers from an old Nvidia GPU; that would cause problems, in fact. Don't know if that would cause a reboot (more likely just a blue screen/error is my guess), but maybe someone else has more experience with that.

    Anyway, first thing you need to do is uninstall the nvidia drivers and download/install the drivers for whatever new card you get. If you don't have a disc, the drivers are not hard to find -- you can usually download them right from the manufacturer's web site.

    As for the popping and sparking, that's ... not good. It's encouraging that the system seems to be working so far, at least as far as getting into Windows. But if that caused some kind of other hardware damage (who knows which), it could be any one of several components, so testing them individually is the way to go. But getting the correct drivers for your card is the first obvious thing to check.
  2. Yes, the only problem is that I don't have enough time to uninstall drivers from Nvidia because if will restart in meantime...
    I'll try to get my hand's on 4650 tomorrow and format (win partition) followed by reinstalling windows that should take care of it (if software IS the cause).
    I'll post my results then... ;)
    tnx for quick answer tho!
  3. Well a spark tells me to suspect the power supply. Although I suppose it's possible that your old graphics card sparked and died.
  4. False_Dmitry_II said:
    Well a spark tells me to suspect the power supply. Although I suppose it's possible that your old graphics card sparked and died.

    Yeah, and a spark plus interruption/rebooting every couple of minutes REALLY suggests the power supply. Plus the GPU driver issue. Probably two separate problems.
  5. At least when my power supply died there was no question of what the problem was.

    I still have that smoke machine in my garage waiting to be recycled eventually.
  6. Yeah... but... I have one really old machine working (8 years old) and now it started to die... You wont believe this but it started to restart itself just like new one... but that is probably capacitors on motherboard and old PSU. So I took this new PSU from new PC and put it in this one - older one (so I could at least have some computer)
    Now this one is working fine :S
    Is there a possibility that spark on gpu damaged some part of PSU like CPU rails (that are not used on old compuer) or something like that?
  7. So the new PSU is installed in the old machine, and it's working fine now? That would seem to indicate the PSU is ok. But hard to tell for sure.

    If the graphics card blew out in a way that created some kind of short or other power issue, it CAN damage other components, especially the motherboard. I remember something similar happening to another guy about a month ago on this forum:

    So you could be looking at just a fried GPU, or it could also be a damaged motherboard. It sounds like the PSU MIGHT be OK, but you'll want to make nice and sure about that. If it turns out the PSU was bad after all, and that's what caused this to begin with, you could end up just frying your new components too.
  8. Ok, I'm back with the update.
    My friend came to my place with his 4650, but since he didn't have much time we loaded windows XP from some DVD. I don't know what is that... some software... (he was working before in PC service, so he does have his tools :D )
    Anyway, that system booted up nicely. No errors, no reboots... was on for 10 min and worked fine. So everything looks stable.. So it seems that was all just a driver problem then.
    Of course this is 1. step.... now I'll buy some GPU, reinstalling windows and leave it for some time to see how stable it really is. BTW. is there some sort of software maybe, that will test this for me? like putting a stress on whole system to see how stable it is?
    PS. I no longer thing this was PSU problem because it's working really nicely on old computer
    PPS. I'll post my results when I buy some GPU. Till then, thanks for help guys!
  9. Absolutely. Prime95, and furmark
  10. I'd run the tests dmitry suggested, but it sounds like you might have gotten lucky. Just a bad GPU that didn't damage anything else, and then a driver problem afterward. Loading Windows from a DVD could produce a different result because it's just loading the built-in Windows graphics drivers (vgasave) and nothing having to do with a video card.

    Though the real test will be to see what happens with a new GPU and the system left on for hours. I will be interested to see,.
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