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hello, i have a toshiba laptop where when the ac adapter is pluger in the laptop shuts down but when i just run the battery it will run. also the ac adapter when it is pluged in i see the green light on the laptop that it is plugged in. if i take the battery out and try the adapter it will shut down. i cheacked the ac adapter and the dc power jack and the are getting 19.4 volts which is what it should be. any help? i need to know if it is the motherboard. or something else. i have the motherboard out now.

PS sorry if this is not the right form, i am new
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  1. I guess no one can help me. well it seems with the power adapter pluged in i have the fan cd dvd drive running and hard drive light comes on but thats it. any help anyone?

    drizzt1 :cry:
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