Circular boot on new build

Ok, so I just put together a system:

4gb DDR3 RAM in 2 DIMM
asus video card

When I try to power up, the fans start spinning and the lights on the motherboard light up. After about 5 seconds, it all stops and reboots. There is no beeping. I tried booting with each stick of RAM individually with no change. The processor seems to be seated well with no damage.

Any ideas?
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  1. Ok, so on the list of 20 things, all seemed ok. When I pull out the RAM and boot, the same thing happens. No beeps.

    According to the other post this indicates either a bad PSU, Motherboard, or CPU. Is there a way to narrow down what the problem is? I have no other parts to use and am a novice. Should I just send parts back and have them replaced? Everything looks physically undamaged.

  2. I also just noticed that when the system reboots the fan in the PSU shuts off as well. Would this indicate a problem with the PSU, or would that happen regardless?
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