AMD 955 BE High Temps

I have a 955 BE processor (125W), running completely stock. Stock Cooler, stock thermal paste, stock speeds. From what I can tell, the 955 idles in the 40s for most people, and on load reaches middle 50s). Mine IDLES at 53-4C, on load it gets into the high 60s which is way to high, although it isnt unstable at all (AMD safe temp is 62C) I've tried just about everything I can think of: running the cpu fan 100% all the time, opening up my case, opening up my case and blowing an industrial fan through it (All the other component temps drop ~10/15 degrees, CPU stays the same), reseating the heat sink. The only thing I havent done is to take off the old stock goop and put some AS5 on there and see if that makes a difference. Would AS5 make a difference? Or am I missing something else?
System Specs
CPU: 955 BE
Mobo: Asus M3A76-CM
HDD: 2 250gb 7200RPM Sata drives, one WD, one Seagate
PSU: 750W Antec PSU
Sound: Creative Audigy
Thanks for your time.
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  1. You seem to have found out that it's not the case airflow that is the problem and the heatsink wasn't on improperly. Can you do into the bios and tell us the voltage settings or use CPU-z to tell us the voltage on load and idle?
  2. CPU-Z Readings:
    Idle Core Voltage - 1.408
    Load Core Volatage - 1.392
  3. There's always a chance the stock themal pad degenerated after packaging somehow. Remove it look for anything causing uneven surface mount after cleaning and apply new paste. Best information says, cooling is superior with a metal to metal (cpu surface) contact, thermal compound is used to fill any mircoscopic air pockets between the two surfaces nothing more.
  4. Yes AMD stock cooler comes with heatsink pads... ive never used one properly, always just scraped it right off and used AS5, never had any issues...

    now of course, CM V8 is doing the job..

    Im getting this CPU in a few days so ill tell what my temps are
  5. I've put new grease on and no change, still Idling in the low - mid 50s, almost instantly jumps up to 60s when put under any kind of load.
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