Memory failed after memtestx86 4.1

i just got 8gb ddr2 pc6400 800mhz geil black dragon memory for my pc .
it was working fine and i could play all the games. i checked the ram on cpu-z and it showed 400mhz. i got confused cuz it should be 800mhz. i downloaded memtestx86 4.1 and booted my computer . the memtest finishd without giving any errors. but when i restarted the system it went upto windows screen and the display went off . the computer was still running so i thot might be a graphics problem. so i switched it off and back onn , the computer comes onn ,all the fans n cpu ect are working but no display on screen . so removed all the compnents of the pc includin the cmos battery and put everything back togethr. when i booted it up this time it only went upto the bios screen and the monitor comes up with no signal. i switchd it off and back onn again, pcs onn but no display again . hence everytime i removed the memory sticks and put it back in, it onli boots up till the bios screen otherwise if i leave the memory as it is , theres no display at all when the pcs switchd onn . i took all the ram owt and put a single 1gb ddr2 stick in which i had from my old pc and amazingly the computer went all fine . no errors at all. so im guessing my memory is done just cuz i used memtest???
plz help me out here .
my specs are :
gigabyte ga-ma790x-ud3p
phenom ll x4 940
500 gb sata
8gb geil black dragon ddr2
800w psu
icute caming case
8800 gt 1gb
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  1. First time I've heard that memtest86+ damaged RAM. Did you report your events to the author?
  2. sorry about my previous messege . after complete agony and working on my system till 5 inda morning , i change my setup onto a intel core 2 duo setup which had and old graphivs card and amazingly the ram worked there. so i put all my stuff except the gigabyte mobo and amd processeor into my old computer and changed the old graphics card with the 8800gt, buh even this computer failed this time . i changed the graphics card with the old 1 again and the computer is all good i guess my graphics card is dead beacause ive put bakk all the components in my amd setup with the OLD graphics card and its working all fine no problems.. buh why woulld my graphics card fail because of memtest86??? i dont get that cuz memtest only checks processor and ram right ? plz helppp
  3. memtest86+ tests the RAM only. It sounds like your 8800gt just died, but not because of memtest86+, probably some other reason, possibilities include static discharge, or dirty, or damaged contacts, or some other physical damage from your moving it around. You may want to test it in another working system, just to verfiy that it really is not working - then read your warranty.
  4. ok i amdit that it might have got damaged by moving around .. but why did my system stopped workin after memtest ?? as soon as it finishd the test it restarted , went upto windows logo and the display went off ? and as i mentioned before i did check the graphics card in my intel setup as well . dont wrk ther as well . and no warraty cuz got it off ebay a munth ago :S
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