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A buddy of mine has a Phenom 9850 BE, the same CPU I have. After hearing about my first successful OC he wants to try the same, but he needs a new aftermarket cooler since his stock would not be advisable. Currently I'm using a ZALMAN CNPS9900A but I'm sure there are better cooling solutions out there.

He is willing to spend $80 so I'm sure he could get a really good heatsink for that. Any and all recommendations are welcome.
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  1. The OCZ Vendetta II seems to do well in benchmarks. Especially if you have a top fan.
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    An $80 investment on a Phenom I that won't overclock very well anyway? I would invest in a PH II that I can clock to 3.6Ghz on the retail HS...Like maybe a X3 720 BE for $20 more.

    For that CPU, I would look more in the $40 range like the BTF 90 or Xigmatek 1283. Really, you'll get that thing to 3.0 Ghz before hitting walls that no HSF is going to help with. I was pretty happy with my 500Mhz overclock until I got a Phenom II.

    I just think $80 is a lot to spend on that older tech.
  3. I agree with buzznut. I would not spend 80 dollars on a heatsink for that cpu. Or any money for that matter. Put that money towards a PII and a new board if the current one cant run it.
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