Overclock Failed g.Skill Ripjaws RAM

I built a pc with 2 lots of g.skill 8g kit(4gx2) ddr 1600 ram so 16Gb all up
ocassionally when i boot up the overclocking fails and i have to reconfigure the bios (i normally just go the perfomance setting) and then itl restart and work. but it only does this occasionally

my other specs are
Intel Core i7-2700k 3.5ghz 1155pin CPU
ASUS p8z77-v-PRO intel Z77 115/4xDDR3/SATA3/USB3/WiFi/DP/HDMI/Glan/ DVI ATX motherboard
2x( Asus 1gb GTX560 PCI-E VGA Card
Thermaltake ToughPower-XT 775 watt PSU
running windows 7 64 bit

any suggestions? ive heard maybe changing memory frequency settings or resetting the bios might be the thing to do

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  1. Also i have the ASUS Smart Doctor program on my computer that monitors/controls the VGA cards and ram if that makes any difference
  2. there a few things you can try..one make sure your bios is up to date asus has a few bios that update the cpu and memory that the mb can use. use cpu-z and read the jtag info of your ram under spd tab. in ai tweaker you can set your ram up for xmp profile. you may have to tweek the ram speed and or voltage to get the mb stable. I would also check to see if the ram is on the mb tested list from asus or gskill. I would also look or ask or the rog forum if your gskill ram has issue with asus mb. not all ram will run in all mb. also dont change the performace tab your also changing the clock speed and voltage of the cpu when you do this. leave the mb speed to standard then go into the bios that controlers the ram speed and change the ram speed only.
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