i just built a PC for my brother. the specs are 12 gigs of ram, intel i7, asus sabertooth mobo, and 2 TB drives. The question i have is i want to put the drive with windows already installed into the new system, when i hooked everything up windows tried to boot then blue screened. I tried the system self restore but that did not work. Is there a way to reconfigure the drive for the new hardware without a format?
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  1. Let me take a wild guess.
    BSOD with "Unmountable_Boot_Volume" or something to that effect?

    You cannot take a windows installation from one computer to another.

    there is some small cases where i have seen it work with driver roll backs (while the HDD is in the old PC)

    I'm guessing the OLD pc is WinXP and 32bit at that. I would not bother even if u do get it working ull only see 3 of ur 12gb of RAM

    bite the bullet and reinstall.
  2. the old system is windows 7 64 bit, anyway thanks for your help ill just reinstall T.T
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