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ok so, i wanted to know if im miss interpreting my temeprature readings since ive been thinking about a new cooler. currently i have a silent 1156 thermaltake cpu cooler w/ 2 120mm case fans. 1 in front of the case and 1 at the back. Core temp reads my CORES at 40C idle or w/ google chrome running. when i paly a game such as L4D2 i got 53C max and when running prime the highest i saw was 74C for 1 hour of running. now the question is, is the temperature that i should be comparing w/ like guys on youtube and such, is it the CPU TEMP in like speed fan which at idle is 33C and at load around 60C. plz respond!!! also submit cpu cooler suggestions that are good but cheap and around 150mm tall plz!
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  1. Your max temp (74C) is quite high. When you say you have a Thermaltake CPU cooler, do you mean your CPU heatsink is made by Thermaltake? Or is your case made by Thermaltake? Those are two different things.

    I suggest you get the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus. 30$, and even with my high (30C) ambient temperature, I still get 40C idle and 60C load with my i5 750 at 3.2 GHz.
  2. its the thermaltake silent 1156 cpu cooler and if your getting those temps on the hyper 212 at the same frequency as me then idk if its even worth the 30$
  3. My ambient temperature is around 30 C. Yours could be lower than that, so your cooling performance might be better.
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