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Sorry if this has been asked before. My mothers 2 1/2 year old Acer stopped working and I told her to bring it with her when she comes to town for Thanksgiving and I would take a look at it. Well she came in a few days ago and I got the pc from her. I opened up the side panel and noticed 4 capacitors had blown right under the cpu heat sink and fan. My guess is pour cooling since there was only one fan in the case (cpu fan) well 2 if you count the one in the psu. She said I could have it since she got a new laptop and really didn't want it anymore to begin with.

My question is, I am building a new rig and I was only going to only use one hdd, but now it looks like might I have acquired a 2nd hdd. I would like to take the hdd (500g WD Caviar Sata) from the acer use it to put win7 on it (currently has vista) and my other programs. Then use my new 1tb hdd for storage( I do some video editing and would like the 1tb for storage). I don't care about any of the files currently on the 500g WD. So, can I install WD hdd then boot win7 from cd/dvd drive and do a clean install or will I run into problems?
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    You can absolutely boot from CD to format and install on the hard drive. You shouldn't run into any problems.

    Although, I'm guessing the HD is as old as the Acer computer? If so you might want to see which drive performs better. The newer the drive, as long as we are talking same RPM's, will generally outperform an older drive.
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