Looking to swap my CPU but have a few questions.

I currently have a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+ (2.2GHz) and I'm thinking about upgrading. I've never changed a CPU and wanted to make sure I know everything before attempting it. So I have some questions before moving forward with this project.

Here is a little more info on my current CPU:

Question 1: Is the socket type the only thing I need to look at to see if it's compatible? Or does what type of motherboard you have affect compatibility as well?

Question 2: I need thermal paste to do this correct? If so what kind do I need?

I was hoping to upgrade to a AMD Opteron 854 2.8 GHz (socket is 940). This will be compatible right?

Any help would be very much appreciated, and if you need additional info I can provide it.
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    1. The socket type will tell you what type of processors should be compatible with your processor but the motherboard comes into effect aswell. And the wattage of the CPU it supports.
    First on socket: With AMD, their socket AM3 CPUs are compatible all the way back to AM2 boards. However, like I said before it can also differ with the boards. If your board is no an OEM board, the manufacturer may have come out with several bios revisions and added CPU support for the newer CPUs. The only way to really tell if a new CPU is compatible is to look at the compatibility list for the motherboard on the manufacturer's website.

    2. No. You do not need thermal paste as with AMD CPUs it is reapplied to the heatsink and fan shipped with the processor.

    An AMD opteron? Why are you looking at expensive server processors? And single core at that? That processor will be a downgrade.

    You should look at the manufacturer site to see your CPU support list then pick an Athlon 64, Athlon or Athlon II processor accordingly.
  2. I guess I have no idea what CPU I need either because I was mainly just looking at the socket and GHz.

    I have a HP and I have looked at my model number on their site numerous times and all I could find on compatibility is this.

    I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge here but what CPU would be a good upgrade with that motherboard?

    I know how to change the CPU it's just the compatibility really threw me off.

    Edit: My slot is AM2 but will it support a AM2+?
  3. On that site what is basically says is the 5000+ is the best CPU your motherboard supports. That's the 2.2GHz dual core you have right now. If you want to upgrade, you may be looking into getting a new motherboard AM2+ aswell. I'd recommend the asus M4A785-M. I have it with an Athlon IIx4 620. $70-80 motherboard and worth it. It won't be a problem switching over unless you have all 3 pci slots filled.

    Edit: What I said about AM3 processors applies to the AM2+ also.

    Yeah, opterons are server processors. They will give you performance about equal to their counterpart (in this case an AMD athlon 64 single core at 2.8GHz) but they will be very expensive compared to the athlon. It's main selling point is it's support for multiple CPUs in one system on server boards.
  4. I have seen 2.6 GHz as well as 2.8 in the AMD X2 5000+. Wouldn't those be upgrades?
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  6. I'm sorry my mistake. I was looking at the Athlon 5000+ when I should have been looking at the Athlon 64 5000+, which is a 2.6GHz part. So yeah that would be a bit of an upgrade. I personally wouldn't spend more than $50 on it though. It's still pretty old. Where did you see a 2.8GHz Athlon 64 5000+?
  7. I saw them both on eBay for a decent price. I have even found a 3.2 GHz here. That one will work right? If it will I think I'll go with that one. Anyway thanks for all your help. I've given you best answer it was the least I could do.
  8. Well, don't trust them then. the 5000+ is 2.6GHz. Just keep in mind if you buy it you will be getting a 2.6GHz dual core processor. Anyway, I hope everything works out :)
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