Need help extending, shrinking, whatever...

So I HAD a 2Tb drive and awhile back, installed a linux partition on it by accident (thought it was the C drive), it wasn't, it was a storage drive.

Anyways, here's where it stands now.

Everytime I try to merge the healthy partition to the unallocated one, it doesn't work.
I can't even create a NEW VOLUME on the 195.26 partition on the right, I get the following.

No matter WHAT I try.

I hope I didn't lose the 195G of space here, but is there anything I can do within Windows, or do I have to get a 3rd party program here?

Thanks for your help
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  1. Try extend the partition in diskpart:

    cmd.exe in seach box, ctrl+shift+enter to elevated command prompt

    in command prompt, type


    list volume

    (find the volume you want to extend)

    select volume x (x is the number of the volume you want to extend)


    or use
  2. Right Click on Unallocated partition and select "Extended partition" because Drive "C" is allocated as a primary disk and the other will be as "extended partition" or "Logical drives."
  3. Thanks for your help guys, manage to get someone at Seagate and they helped me with the following.

    Like you suggested Pyreee, used CMD prompt, needed the drive # and used diskpart to do it.

    Did a quick search, something along these lines.

    It wouldn't work through Device Manager, but the CMD promprt/ diskpart did it.

    Appreciate the help though, thank you.
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