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I'm working on a friend's eMachines T5082. What's happening is, the machine powers up, fans spin, hard drive spins, I get a video signal, but no beeps and it sits on the bios screen forever. When I first turned it on, I noticed the processor fan wasn't spinning at all, so I turned it off immediately and checked the connections. Then I spun the fan by hand a few times. Turned the machine back on and the fan spun. I'm not sure if there's some built-in protection to save the CPU, but if the fan hasn't been spinning, I imagine it could've fried the CPU. But would I even get a video signal and see the eMachines logo if the CPU was dead? Any suggestions on what this could be?
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  1. Can you enter the bios?
  2. Nope. Although I am using a USB keyboard, so I should probably try to find an adapter. I don't see a speaker anywhere inside so that might be why I'm not getting any beeps. I've tried taking out the only PCI card installed, which is a fax/modem, clearing the bios, switching in a known good hard drive and reseating the RAM.
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