Which noctua fan should I get for hyper 212 EVO?

I narrowed down my alternative-fan options to these. Silence is a priority, which is why I want Noctua and I hate that hyper 212 evo fan that the heatsink came with.

nf-p12 PWM

nf-f12 PWM

~Thanks tell me if you know a better noctua fan. I was wondering if pwm doesn't matter because the nf-p12 without pwm has similar CFM and noise levels as these right?

I need to buy this fan ASAP.
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  1. In my opinion, I think NF-F12 is the better fan and it's cheaper too!

    Everyone I know that has a Noctua fan, has the NF-F12 for their heat sinks.

    This video will help as well:
  2. F-12 is a fan built exclusively for heat sinks. It is supposed to have incredible static pressure (push air through HS fins) and be very quiet. It is also a PWM fan, which means it has 4 pins and can reach very low RPM (around 300) when the CPU isn't under a heavy load.
  3. Should I use the low noise adapter on it? Or is it not recommended for a cpu heatsink.
  4. Going with the nf-f12. I'll try it out. It looks very promising and well worth the cash.
  5. Try it both ways and see what you like better.
    You may feel that the LNA is necessary for quiet operation, or you may feel that the LNA deals a sufficient increase in temp.

    The fin design on the fan allows for a lot of static pressure even when the fan is moving slowly. A lot of engineering goes into Noctua's gear.
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