I'm adding up my memory, any advice?:)

my motherboard is an asus P5KPL-AM SE and i already have an apacer 2gb (i dont know the MHz thingies).

the manual of my motherboard says that:

*memory - dual channel memory architecture
2 x 240 - pin DIMM sockets supports unbuffered non - ECC 4GB
1066(O.C.)/800/667 MHz DDR2 memory modules

now, i'm planning to add another 1gb of the same brand. but still i want to consider the safety of my board. so can i go for a 1066mhz or i should just add another 800mhz?


btw, im using a windows xp service pack 3
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  1. I would try selling your old stuff on craigslist first. If you get $40 for it, go for a 2x2gb of pc6400 in one of the following brands: corsair, crucial, kingston, pny, or hynix (samsung). I would not pay a premium for 1066 ram, unless you want to overclock.
  2. so an 800mhz is fine? as long as its from one of the brands you've mentioned.
  3. Yes. You may also get lucky and find it on craigslist for less than retail. You can take your box with you to test it out if the seller permits. I've found the 2x2gb pc6400 kits as low as $50, but $60-65 is the average price used in the usa.
  4. oh and that's a lot of discount you got there. dang, i'm still cost cutting. can i still go for the card that i will buy? :(
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