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I have an old ATI Radeon X1950 pro, and I want to get a new graphics card, I was thinking about a HD 4870.

The old X1950 has connections for a Crossfire Bridge which actually came in the box. The new HD 4870s come with a bridge also. Can I connect the 2 cards together in crossfire mode?

I've got some new games which my old X1950 pro just can't handle, I know the HD4870 will handle them just fine. My main question if I can connect the two, would my performance be better if I connected both together, or would I be better off using the HD4870 solo, and trashing the old X1950?
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  1. NO!
    Amd has a chart availabel to help define compatible matchups.
    Generally there is very little variation allowed and it's always with the same GPU.
    The only exception was the 2600xt could mix with 3650's and 3000 series IGP.
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