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I have SONY VAIO F Series model, which I baught in March 2011. Last night I just shut down it properly and sleep, next day when i open it...its not opening properly and taking more than 5-6 hours to start and working 10000 times slower.... i tried to recover by startup recovery but its also not working...
still its not showing any Disk Failure or something like this... but the only problem is taking more than 8 hours to just finish its start up... can you please guide me for this...
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  1. Get it booted, back up your data and RMA it, it's less than a year old, so let Sony sort it out!
  2. Moved my comments here, since you had already posted the above and this question got placed 3 different times.

    If you bought it in March of 2011 it should still be under warranty. I would suggest contacting Sony tech support for assistance.

    If it is literally taking 8hrs to load Windows, I would think it's a hardware issue, or you need to re-install Windows both of which Sony should be able to assist you with.

    It's a bit difficult to even begin to troubleshoot a machine that is taking 8hrs to boot on a forum post.
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