AMD X4 ii 955 OC

Try to follow me on this one.

So the first time i overclcoked my 955 from 3.2 to 4.1 with the mysterious magic of my hands, i got it to be stable at (if i remember correctly) a voltage of around 1.3ish. It was the very first time i ever overclocked in my life.

4 months past and my h80 heatsink block burns out, which means panic for me. I then got an antec 620 for the mean time of my h80 replacement.

I played it safe to reset everything in my bios (overclocked wise) then to re-clock from the beginning. (im still using the antec 620 right now)

Now i overclock and the highest i can get to is 4.0ghz. Voltage is at 1.425. Its stable on full load on prime95

When i first overclocked, i was getting the blue screen at 4.2. Now im getting it at 4.1 and this only happens when running prime.

Im only suppose to be playing with the frequency speed and core voltage right? Nothing else like nb voltage or anything right?

Side note: temperature was never really a problem. Full load was at the max 58C. Idle was around 40C.
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  1. you mustve gotten real lucky with the settings, mine wont pass 4GHz stable, i would say be happy with 4GHz or keep experimenting with voltages
  2. Yeah thats what i figured it was. Luck. If i put it to 4.1, prime 95 forces me to push my voltages over 1.5. So i figured id stay at 4.0.

    Just wondering, what voltages are you running at?
  3. im running at 1.43, but it was stable at 1.425... unfortunately ive been crashing in games all of today, just lost out on an epic ending on company of heroes lol
  4. wow! 1.43!! im running at 1.46 for 4.0Ghz!. but its stable. i wonder if i can get the AMD Phenom II X6 1045T and overclock that past 4.0Ghz. Thatll be AMAZING. what do you think
  5. im also running a different chip, the 840 which is based off of propus, which may have an effect

    if your 1045T has a c3 stepping it should get 4 easy
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