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Overheating problems Pl help

hi friends
pl help me to 'overcome' the overheat problems.

my config -

Asus M3N78-EM motherboard

AMD6400 X2 (3.2. GHZ)

2GB DDR2 (800 MHZ)

nvidia 9600GT 512 MB gpu

WD 80GB and 500GB HDD

Cooler Master 600 W PSU

here is my problem from past 3 weeks;

my system is restarted after 1 or two minutes while i switch on first time. after restarting, it does not load bios. but cpu and chasis fan are run as

usual. motherboard led indicator is glowing 'green'.

my system boot normally after some time (15-30 minutes)

I have checked with standby RAM, PSU but no use. the problem still going.

later i have used the Asus PC PRobe to find the temp;

my temp is HDD is 42-45'c, cpu - 46-53, gpu 43, motherboard 43-47.

chasis has two side fans. no rear and front fans. my processor has come with med size heatsink with fan.

my pc runs fine 9 months without any heat problem.

i have also found that when motherboard temp touches 43, the above problem arised.

Now i have remove the chasis side pan and placed a table fan to maintain the motherboard temp less than 40 so that i have to use the system contineiusly.

this problem is in around Motherboard temp?

what is the best solutions ?
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  1. You rarely if ever hear about a computer shutting itself off because the motherboard temperature is too high. That's because if the motherboard temp is too high, it's usually an indicator that something else (like the CPU) is too high, and that's what's causing the machine to shut down.

    This honestly does not sound like a heat problem if those readings are accurate. Temperatures in the 40s and low 50s are perfectly normal and shouldn't be causing any problems.

    However, I've heard people say that the Asus PC Probe is not that accurate. If it's off by 10 degrees on the low side, for example, then you could be in the 60-degree range for your CPU, and a lot of AMD processors shut themselves down in that area. Does the computer actually WORK when you have the table fan pointed at it? If so, I'd go back to heat.

    If you haven't given the whole thing a good thorough blowing-out to get the dust out, that's the first thing I'd do. You may also want to reapply the thermal paste on the CPU, which can get dried out and brittle over time. The other obvious thing to do is add more fans and/or a better CPU fan - stock CPU coolers are often junk.
  2. first thank you for quick response.

    i am using speed fan 4.40 and asus probe II v. 04.72 ( it is very accurate) both indicate same temp.

    system actually works normal when i placed a table fan.. and motherboard heat maintain lessthan 39c.

    i have cleaned my pc internals with compressed air so there is no way to "dust"

    i have reapplied thermal paste several times . but the problem is still continues.

    a better cpu fan ?!. can u pl give some details . which model, and type.. currently i have using one with provided by amd along with processor (heatsink and fan)
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    The Coolermaster Hyper 212+ is pretty much the gold standard for cooling on that socket (and many other of the most recent ones) if you don't want to spend a ton of money.

    However, Newegg has REALLY jacked up the price -- as in, almost doubled it -- since becoming aware that people like it. Now it's actually more expensive than a lot of other good options like the Zalman 9500, which I personally prefer.

    Before spending that kind of money, though, I would just shell out $10 or so for another case fan. A rear exhaust fan would probably do wonders to improve your air circulation, and pretty much EVERY case I've heard of has a place for one. Since it works with a table fan blowing at it, it sounds like poor air circulation inside the case is the problem, unless the CPU fan itself is going dead. Have you checked the RPMs on it, and does it appear to be speeding up and down properly? Those things do wear out after a few years sometimes.

    edit: the Zalman 9500 actually only looks like it's for Socket 775 (duh) which is the last machine I put one on. So you won't be able to use it on your machine unless you can maybe get a mounting bracket. For socket AM2, which is what you have, maybe the Zalman 9700 is a better option. If you do get a Zalman cooler, make sure to read the notes about the clearance you need in your case -- a lot of their heatsinks are HUGE.
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  5. well.. i have just replaced the old chasis with new one which have front and rear fans..!! now the motherboard temp is 36"c and my system works fine..
    kudos to capt-taco..
    will meet again in new thread..! :bounce: :bounce:
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