i have encrypted some files in local disks...i was using wndws xpwithout decrypting it,i formatted only local disk c and installed new windws xp,without formating other drives

nw i cant decrypt my files ,bcz admin is new and certificate is new.hw can i solve this issue?

please help me
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  1. You probably need the original certificate. What encryption software are you using?
  2. i didnt encrypt using software .i am using windows and i just encrypted the file by simply
    file-right click-properties-advanced-encrypt.

    And i have reinstalled windws without frmating othr drives..i think there is some way to recovr the to recover using recvry crtfcte?
  3. I am sorry to say, but no. The built-in Windows encryption is not as good or versatile as other software solutions. Before you reload Windows you MUST backup the encryption certificate because Windows creates a new one which over-writes the old one. Unless you have a full backup of your old Windows files that have the certificate your files are gone for good.
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