Gtx 285 1gb or 2gb?

Hi guys. I want buy GTX 285 ( Gainward or Palit ) but i dont know what version 1gb or 2gb?
Have you got any tests, benches? OF course in GTA IV it will be any differences???
Clocks are the same?

Please of some tests that i will see differences between 1gb and 2gb.

And Gainward or Palit , there are the same? No matter what i choose?
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  1. yh that link should cover it but in my opinion palit sux in comparison to gainward so gainward and memory does not matter even if u had 2 gb it depends on the ddr(double data rate) some guys i know have an hd 3850 512MB gddr3 compared to lets say any card with 1 gb gddr2 memory the hd will perform better plus check the clocks and ur budget
  2. gtx 285 is no worth at this point, i'd get a 5850 which will penform better and cost about 50$ less.

    to the question well, 2gb is better, and no there are no differences between the clocks or penformance.
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