BSOD after coming out of standby S3 - New Windows 8 Installation


I just installed a new copy of windows 8 pro 64 bit. It's been a couple of months that i am getting bsod just after coming back of a standby/sleep.

I have tested my memory with memtest+ and windows memory diagnostic and everything is fine.


IMAGE_NAME: ntkrnlmp.exe
IMAGE_NAME: memory_coruption
IMAGE_NAME: memory_coruption

Now I am testing my computer without using any sleep/standby, the computer has been running for 2 days without any errors.

I tried to swap my memory sticks, didn't work. I also uncheck my D-Link DWA-542 N Desktop Adapter so Windows does not turn it off to save energy, that didn't work also.

Here are my 3 mini dump files :

I need help!!! Thanks!!
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  1. Last time I had issues with resuming from standy/sleep was in Windows 7 and a BIOS update resolved the issue. I didn't get a BSOD resuming from sleep, my computer just wouldn't resume. It would remain on a black blank screen after the Windows resuming message. Is there a BIOS update for your motherboard?
  2. BIOS is already updated to last version :(
  3. There's a bug in one of your drivers.
    Event Viewer might be able to reveal which one.
  4. double check your hardware, also check Hybrid sleep is disabled

    replace ALL drivers, have the latest? downgrade one step if you have to

    memory speeds, lower one grade (1600 -> 1333 etc)

    on the other hand iv never owned a desktop that goes into standby correctly...
  5. I had similar symptoms when I had a sandforce SSD installed. Swapped corsair for a crucial M4 and the problem went away.
  6. Just got a BSOD 10 min ago, avast was uninstalled and hybrid sleep disabled. I have put the dump file here

    I will try downgrading my Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller drivers and I will try to use only 1 stick of RAM and test each one of them even if memtest+ were good.

    Anyone else know what might cause this?

  7. I have put another dump crash here :

    downgrading my realtek or pci network adapter drivers didn't work out.

    I will try out my memory sticks now.
  8. I tested my memory sticks one by one in memtest+, sometimes it show errors, sometimes not.

    I have manually set the memory timings and voltage to try to fix my BSOD problems, i don't think it solved the problem but for now I don't get any memtest+ errors but I had BSOD without even going in standby.

    I need to do more testing in memtest+.

    I am unable to run Prime95 correctly, the workers fail between 1 hour to 5 hours,

    Could it be my memory controller on my motherboard? Is there any way i can test it without trying to run my PC with another mobo?

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