NZXT LEXA BLACKLINE:is this good enough or should i buy a new one

hi guys....
i have a brand new nzxt lexa blackline case nd Im planning to buy a new gaming rig in 2 months....
so i was wondering whether this case is good enough or should i buy another1..
i simply love this case...... if there is another good 1 for around the same price please suggest 1...
also im only intrested in a flashy case like the LExa so plz help me out guys!!! :) :)
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  1. is your current rig cool enough in it? in which case it'll be fine. the main question i suppose is what gpu are you planning on, and will it physically fit, 5870's are quite long?
  2. Here are the NZXT Lexa Blackline case dimensions:

    length = 22.40 inches
    width = 8.66 inches
    height = 20.55

    The case can accomodate a video card that is 10 inches long. Add another half an inches for the cable connection(s). It will be a tight fit. The case will not accomodate a video card that is 10.5 inches long. The drive cage gets in the way. If you want to install a longer video card that is longer you will need a pc case that is 24 inches long from front to back.

    The width of the case is more than sufficient to accomodate large, 160mm tall cpu heatsinks.
  3. im mostly planning a 5770 or a 5850 or a 5870...havent decided yet which 2 buy bt mostly these 3 only......nd surely crossfiring them after a year.
    will these fit?
  4. btw thnx fr replying
  5. 5750 = 7.25 inches
    5770 = 8.50 inches
    5850 = 9.50 inches
    5870 = 11.0 inches
    5970 = 12.0 inches
  6. so according to this only a 5770 will fit in rite............
  7. yep
  8. so can u plzzz suggest me another case which looks as good as or better than the lexa
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    The ATI Radeon HD 5850 is 9.50 inches (241.3mm) long. It will also fit inside the case.

    For reference purposes, a standard atx motherboard is 9.60 inches wide (244 mm). The length of the 5850 and the width of the motherboard are almost the same size. :D

    The ATI 5870 and 5970 are the two cards that will be a problem.
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  11. GOOD.....
    but can i crossfire the 5850 nd will it fit smoothly....
    also assuming im gonna buy the 5870 which case should i buy
  12. If you have a standard atx motherboard that is Crossfire certified you can install two video cards and operate them in Crossfire mode. The cards will fit inside the case.

    For the ATI Radeon HD 5870 you will need a longer case. The new Lian Li / Lancool Dragon Lord cases can accomodate an 11 inch long video card such as the 5850. The cases come in several different configurations and prices:

    If you need more bling:

    Take a look at this photo showing interior dimensions:

    Another case with excellent ventilation, airflow and cooling is the Coolermaster HAF 932. It is a huge beast.
  13. damn........
    that lancool PC-K62RI LOOKS kickass man...the k62 is also pretty good.
    do they attach the led's with the case ......
    also how much will be the cost of the case
  14. OMG....the haf 932 is a KILLER!!!!!!!!!!
  15. has the lowest Dragon Lord prices in the USA:

    Unfortunately they do not have the red led version. I do not know if the red led version is available yet.
  16. THANX A LOT JohnnyLucky
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