Building a rig on the cheap need advice

Hello everyone! I lurk here alot and found good advice here on many things, and I felt the need to finally post and get some advice from you guys on this cheap-o delux rig I'm going to be building. First off, I have an ancient HP pavilion running XP, 1G of RAM, ATI X1650 AGP Video Card. I've done all I can to upgrade that machine, and now's the time to get something new. Of course, I'm on an extremely tight budget, so I went to Tigerdirect and found some parts that fit my budget. What I'm mainly going to be doing with this rig is play mmo's like WoW, Warhammer Online, and Star Wars the Old Republic whenever that comes out. Judging by the early demos of SW:TOR, it won't be that graphically intense of a game. I'm also going to be using Adobe CS3 programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

So, I just want some expert opinions on the parts that I've slected. Can what I've selected run these things with no problems? Or do I need to tweak some items. What I want is to be able run WoW and WAR anywhere between 40-60 fps, maybe more if possible.

Any advice, suggestions, recommendations, etc. are appreciated. Links are below. Thanks so much!

Barebones kit:]

Video Card:


DVD Drive:

Additional RAM:

CPU Fan:
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  1. if your looking for a kit here is something better

    the HDD is more than 2 times the size, the 4670 is much faster than a 9400gt, and the processor should be much faster as well

    next here is an ok case with PSU

    just keep the DVD drive that should work fine.

    i tried to say in the 400 price range which is about what yours add up to.

    this should run WOW and WAR but if you can wait and save an extra 200 or 300 bucks you will get a lot more bang for you buck at a 600 to 900 price range. for what your look for i wouldn't spend over 900 for a bare bones rig.

    anyways hope this helps and good luck
  2. Why tigerdirect? Newegg has lower prices on most of their items... Just a thought.

    Um the Athlon kit from newegg in the post above is a much better choice given your criteria... But if you want an honest opinion, I'd suggest waiting a bit longer to get more money together and buy something you'll really be happy with that could out-perform what you've listed in your post. Add $200 to your budget and you'll be in good shape.
  3. Hmm by my calculations your original planned expenditure comes to $372 and the serious pitfalls the way i see it are as follows

    1. Free PSU with case - a bad PSU when it dies may take with it major h/w in your rig - ditch it a.s.a.p

    2. A 9400GT for a gaming card? Its 'superior' elder bro the 9500GT is one of the few GPUs i have come across in a review in recent times to be branded a 'failure' Definitely no go with this card for games @@ You'd want to hit minimum a HD 4670/9600GT

    3. CPU/Mobo combo
    Way too retro! As a guide in AMD budget chips we have
    Brisbane (your chip) < Windsor < Kuma (AM2+) < Regor (AM3) The final straw is that AM2 chip doesn't even come with HSF which hints to me that it is an OEM rather than a retail chip OEMs get anywhere from 'up to seller' to 12mths warranty while their boxed retail cousins get the full 3 years global warranty. You'd definitely want to ditch that chip and that ancient AM2 motherboard :P

    In any case the good news is: you dun have to up your budget drastically :P Here is a suggested $403 AR config

  4. Thanks everyone for the replies and input. I will definitely take some more time to get maybe a couple more hundred dollars together instead of being
    impatient and going with the cheapest stuff available.

    scatrdfew - I was going with tigerdirect for the barebones kits really. They seemed like such a good deal so that's what I was going with.

    thanks again everyone, if you have anymore advice please feel free!
  5. I have another quick question. I looked at the kit that rammar16 suggested and that looks like a good deal. Is it possible for me to gut my current computer and just use the case for all these new components? It's an old HP 754n probably came out in 2002-2003 sometime. I'd keep the dvd drive that's already in this HP. It's IDE but that doesn't bother me. I'm just looking at it as a cost effective thing and I'm being impatient with ordering new parts. Thanks
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