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New Blue Ray Suggestions

I am looking for some suggestions for a blue ray player with DVD burn capability or a blue ray burner with dvd burn capability.

Its been difficult to find a good option that includes decent packaged software at a good price. Does anyone have suggestions? My price range is <150.
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  1. I just picked up a Samsung SH-B123 from the egg for around $65 I think. I honestly haven't tested it yet, or even installed the software that came with it. I do know its one of the cheapest Blu ray drives out there that come with play back software. 12x BD read, and able to burn 16x DVD. If I ever get off my lazy @$$ I'll test it. I've only had it for around 2mo now....
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    I own this one and it's a gem ^

    Retail:Includes sata cable and a Cyberlink software suite!

    At $99.00 it's a steal,I paid $129.00


    [:aford10:8] To the forum!
  3. I ended up going with this:

    I got it during the recent sales for 59.99 w/ the cyberlink software included. It was a tough deal to pass up.
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