What Motherboard is best for my budget?

I have been looking at motherboards for a long time and am just confusing myself.

CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055t
Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
Graphics: A Radeon 5770 (not sure which brand - if you have suggestions, please post that too)
- I intend on buying another 5770 for crossfire in future

I would like to keep the price to $150 range +/- $30. Obviously if its cheaper and gets everything i want / need and is solid quality i wont say no to that. If it is necessary to pay a little more to get the motherboard that will suit this build best then i will consider that as well.

Let me know if you want any more info.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!
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  1. I'm thinking i'm going to get this one. Anyone?
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    I personally trust Gigabyte when it comes to AMD motherboards but that MSI is an excellent choice with a great price.. As for the video card, how much is your budget..?? If you are fixed on the HD 5770 then take a look here -

    That mobo and the video card are plenty good individually.. The pairing helps you save some bucks which is always good..
  3. I got t he Asus M4A89GTD/USB3.0 to go with my phenom 965 and it runs real sweet and the board is awesome at overclocking. it has the 890gx chipset which is the same damn thing as fx except for the 2 pci x16 slots if u have 2 cards they will run at 8x which is plenty good enough. The board is only $150.
  4. Thanks for both of your input! I checked out that link you gave emperus and thats a welcome find! I poked around a little more and found i could also get the GIGABYTE 890fx with the GIGABYTE 5770 for around the same price. So, prices aside, you would go for the GIGABYTE over the MSI? I set up a comparison between the two mother boards on newegg:

    Any significant technical advantages one has over the other or is it just a brand decision?
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  6. Both Gigabyte and Asus are excellent brands.. Both tend to pack a full feature set and have no compromise on quality.. Performance wise, you wont find any difference.. Personally though, i've found Gigabyte models to be more stable and hence i recommended..
  7. Thanks again!
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