What is difference between core i3 and core i5 and c2d

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  1. hi
  2. Performance: i5>i3>c2d

    socket: i5/i3 -> LGA1156; c2d -> LGA775

    Turbo Mode: i5 -> yes; c2d/i3 -> no

    Hyper Threading: dual core i5/i3 -> yes; quad core i5 & c2d -> no

    architecture: quad core i5 & c2d -> 45nm; dual core i5/i3 -> 32nm

    cache: i5/i3 -> L2 & L3 cache; c2d -> L2 cache
  3. i5/i3 - IMC; Core2 - on the motherboard.
  4. Core i3 does not have turbo
  5. http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/2009-desktop-cpu-charts-update-1/benchmarks,60.html

    i3 isn't on those lists I don't think, but you can look at the i5-660 and 661 (those are also dual cores, like the i3s) to see what how a higher clocked i3 would perform.
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