How much do you think.....

.....i cann over clock 2500k without overhot with the silver arrow? And how about 3570k? Thanks guys :)
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  1. Depends on ambient temperatures and case airflow.
  2. The case is haf 922 but it is in very small space but air can flow around it, my room temp is 17-21 C 20-22 C in summer
  3. -bump-
  4. You'll be fine. That CPU cooler is one of the most effective ones, period.
    The 3570K will yield less of an overclock, but they appear to be just as fast due to the increase in IPC.

    You should be able to do 4.7-8Ghz on the 2500K and 4.5-6Ghz on the 3570K.
  5. Ok thanks :)
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