Compaq Died, Need New Pc!

Ok So My Compaq Has Been Struggling For The Past Couple Of Months, And Tonight It Started Giving Me Problems Resulting In Me Reinstalling Alot Of Programs Do To Corruption. Im Trying To Replace It With Something Up To Date, Not A Powerhouse Pc For High End Gaming, But Something I Can Play A Couple Games Like World Of Warcraft, Maybe Left4dead At Decent Settings, Not Looking To Overclock

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: End Of This Month Or Next Month If Undecided BUDGET RANGE: 200-400

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Surfing The Internet, World Of Warcraft, Watching Movies And Listening To Music

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, And Monitor


PARTS PREFERENCES: I Want To Go Amd On This Build


MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1024x768 to 1280x1024

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: If Possible I Would Like To Have Enough Ram To Run 2 Instances Of World Of Warcraft (I Multibox From Time To Time)
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  1. $400 is really low for a full build, even with a budget AMD. But I like a challenge.

    CPU: x2 550 - $100
    MOBO: GA-MA770T-UD3 - $70 (after MIR)
    GPU: radeon 4830 - $95
    RAM: Crucial 4g (2x2) - $84
    CASE: Antec 200 - $40
    HD: WD Caviar blue - $45
    Opt drive - $19
    PSU - ocz 500w - $40 (after MIR)

    Should come out to ~$495 with MIR, before tax & shipping. Since your budget varies between this and next month, I'm assuming you're waiting for a paycheck or something. In that case, at least wait another paycheck spend the $500 (or more). If you can push for a little more, I do recommend picking up a spinpoint f3 for $10 for your hdd. But basically, you want an AM3 mobo. You'll be able to upgrade to a better phenom or what have you if you need the extra speed.. The mobo I have listed doesnt support sli/crossfire, but the 4830 is cheap. You can replace it with a better gpu in the future if need be.

    One note for WoW though. It depends plenty on clock speed and the cpu I have listed is a BE, which means its overclock friendly. I encourage you to do research and overclock, even if its a minuscule amount.
  2. Wow This Is Making Me Second Guess This, I Might Just Have To Close This Thread And Open 2 More, Basically If Its Going To Be Reaching Past 400 I Rather Have A Build On The x2 550 For A Decent 600 Maybe 700 With Raid For Gaming In One Room, And An ABOSlutley Basic Build For Everyday Use, My Wife Wanted The Pc For Gaming, And My In Laws Needed Something For The Everyday, How Much Do You Think It Would Cost To Put Something Together That Just Does Basics Like Internet Browsing, Music And Video Playback, Needs To Be Better Than A 2800 Amd Anthlon 2.08, 1gb Ram, And Atleast At 160 Gb Hdd, Not Including A Optical Drive?
  3. With 600, you can definitely get a good build going; 700 better, but may not be necessary for your system usages. If your budget increases, I'd consider picking up a x3 720 instead... when you get everything sorted out with a definite budget, we'll be able to provide more precise parts to meet your budget :). Wow isn't too gpu intensive, and you can run l4d on max settings at that res with a 4830. You might be even be able to go cheaper on the vid card, but that's beyond my area of expertise (I only keep up with newer cards unfortunately :().

    Assuming you keep all the peripherals (monitor, keyboard, etc.) for your new raiding pc, IMO you should just buy a netbook/cheap laptop for everyday use. That may save you a bit unless you have a spare monitor, etc. laying around.
  4. "And My In Laws Needed Something For The Everyday"

    Ok no frills $294 AR config?
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