Pc does not read seagate freeagent external hard drive

when i plug in my external, nothing happens but a sound
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  1. Was your PC recoganizing this HD before and problem started now
    Is it a new HD.
    I suggest to reinstall drivers
  2. um, ok. the x h drive worked when i got it, then i had changed hard drives in the lap top, or i should say had it changed... and now it don't work. i had thought it was a driver problem, but i actually have no idea what that means. how do you reinstall the drivers? i have a feeling this is the problem.
  3. Connect External HDD to computer
    Right Click on Computer >> Manage >> Disk Management
    Do you see any drive without an assigned letter (Like we normally have C: or D: or E: ) . It should only have Disk 1 or Disk 2 or Disk 3
    If yes, right click on that drive and assign a letter. Please post your reply here.
  4. disk 1 unknown not initialized unallocated (that can't be good)
    disk 2 removable F (u would think that's the external but it's stays when u un plug it)

    that all sounds suspect but i don't know anything about computers. i can't find the carburator anywhere! please help me out here bro. i didn't even know what a thread was til i saw it on sons of guns
  5. hey disk one is the external. but the option to change the letter doesn't come up on the right click and i can't find it anywhere else. plus what the hell is drive f? and is it normal for the ex hd to click randomly? it always has but i did kina drop it on the floor about five minutes after i got it home from the store...
  6. ok hang on. it said it did not whatever succesfully but it reads now. i'm gonna try transfering my vuze downloads to it. i guess i lost whatever was on it.
  7. can't find item now when i try to send vuse downloads to ex hd (d) arrgh!
  8. ok now it won't format for some reason but it's copying 1 item 4.9 yada yada. it's been 10 minutes doing that now though
  9. Sorry I wasn't logged in before. Of course old Data is lost when you format. But you can try to recover lost data using this free program Recuva. http://www.piriform.com/recuva

    What is the status now. Is everything working now.
  10. it doesn't want to format properly, and i guess therefore won't transfer data. any ideas why this might be? been using old tv sets for target practice lately. the plastic blows up real nice. should i hang this external from a tree somewhere?
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