Faint horizontal lines in games only

I have this issue where sometimes when I play a game, I will get these faint horizontal lines shimmering across the screen. Usually this can be quickly fixed by turning on V-sync. Other times it doesn't help at all. My card is a GTX285 and my monitor is an LG LCD 23", with a 2ms response time. Sometimes I wonder if my monitor is too fast for my computer, or vice versa. Any thoughts on fixing this problem would be apprecitated .Thx

PS: More description on the problem. It doesn't affect the color at all, it more like an overlay. Like you looking at a recording of the game through an old movie projector. In some games it actually makes it look better, which is kind of cool. (Alice, Murder on the Orient). Other games it just messes with the graphics (Mass Effect, Risen)
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  1. Have you tried seeing if it is overheating? If it is only in games than that would seem like a logical explanation. Here's the link for GPU-Z if you don't already have it.
  2. Tried it out. doesn't seem to be overheating at all. In fact its hanging around 38 deg C, and I'm still getting the problem. Besides it's there on game start up as well.
  3. Just installed them, no difference in Risen, haven't checked Mass Effect.
  4. I'm getting the exact same problem and v-sync does fix it. My graphics card is a 250 gts and my monitor has a 5ms response time, I don't think your monitor is your issue. It may be more to do with refresh rates because v-sync fixes it.

    If you guys find a fix for this it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Ive been having a similar problem...

    When i play call of duty 4, ill shoot the ak 47 and my screen goes crazy into like horizontal breaks.

    I turn vsync on and it works sometimes too.

    My problem is that i am also trying to sli 2 xfx9800gt cards

    See if this is what your problem sounds like:
  6. Hey im having the same problem... Faint horizontal lines that looks almost like and old cinema. Can see them the most on dark places of the game. Oh and its only on games.

    Im running a GeForces 470, 950W Power supply, 8gb ram, intel core2 quad 3.4Ghz, 23 Acer x233h monitor. And i got the latest drivers.

    If anyone know a fix for this plz help. its really annoying when playing borderlands =(.
  7. Have you tried Vsync in the game (also try forcing in drivers).
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