3570k OC - core 1 hotter than other

3570k OC /w CM 212 EVO on ASUS p8z77-v Deluxe

It hotter than the other 10-15 degrees in idle while 5-9 in load

is it normal?? bad or very bad???

btw is it OK to when 3570k OC 4.5 reach 88 degrees in load??
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    4.5Ghz mostly seem's better with H100 with lower temperature, hyper 212 EVO is best option for 4.3Ghz with stock voltage then see your temp's it will be in lower degrees.
  2. Sounds like an improper thermal paste application to me. And 88 degrees is a bit too hot, you should be shooting for under 80 at load.
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  4. I have auto-tuned via my asus z77 motherboard my intel I5 3570K from 3.4ghz to 4.2ghz and I too noticed that the first core is running 35C and the other 3 cores are running at 30C, but if you notice core 1 is doing most of the work, I guess it's just how these multiple core cpu's work.

    I wouldn't be to concerned with it, the temp threshold that was preset on my asus board is like 76C, even with one core running at 35C, there is still a lot of space for more heat.
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