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Hello folks. Im back again for some cable management help. I have the antec 300 with and OCZ modxstream 600 watt power supply along with Asus MA785TD-V evo motherboard (got all my stuff today :) ). And it seems that the cables are not long enough to hind them behind the motherboard tray. The 4 pin ATX, 24 pin power and headphones, mic and usb (front of the case) are short so I was wondering if I should get extensions for them. But I have never done this before and not sure if that will be wise to do because I will lose the quality of the signal, power and performance? If someone could shad some light on this issue for me, it will be greatly appreciated.

The case came with two 140 mm fans (rear and top) they both have molex connector for power with female molex connector on the rear of them. so I can connect them together and use one molex connector. But I was wondering if i can connect the two fans and my LG dvd+RW DL burner (IDE, yes i know old tech but I was on a budget so I used some of my old parts, along with my old WD120 GB HDD.) to one molex power connect? Will this have an effect on the burner's performance?

Thank you so much. Sorry I know I ask alot of questions. But knowledge is your friend, and the best place to get it is from your peers.

Thank you in advance
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  1. Cable extensions won't hinder performance and you can hook up any series of components to the Molex power connectors.
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    FrozenCPU has a wide assortment of extension cables. I have three Antec 900 cases and I have needed an 8 pin extension for the CPU power plug on each of them. And I have needed extension cables for power and reset switches and drive LED's on two of them. I have been lucky enough that I haven't needed an audio extension cable.

    The fans pull very little power, probably less than 1/2 amp, so they will not affect the operation of the drives.
  3. Someone asked about extending power wires in another thread.

    Extending PSU wires
  4. you can have special extension cables made to suit
  5. Thank you for the help guys. FrozenCPU is an excellent site. And I am going to look over the extending thread.

    Thank you.
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