Installing new CPU, Mobo and RAM In a system already featuring RAID0

I am installing three new components into a system which currently uses 320gb HDD's in RAID0. How do I go about installing the new parts and re configuring my HDD's? (Given that they need to be as I'm not sure on this)

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  1. With a new motherboard, it's more like you are moving your RAID0 to a new system. This post has been useful to others: , why don't you start there?

    I personally would back up the contents to one or more external drives before decommissioning the old system. That way, if anything goes wrong, I just build a new empty RAID and restore the backup.


    Unasked-for advice: RAID0 has high risks of data loss. Be sure that you do backups. Better yet, buy a 1 TB drive and put your whole system on it, using the 320s as backup devices.
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